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How To Install Hardwood Stairs – Tread and Riser Installation


Installation of solid hardwood treads and risers takes place in a single installation step, significantly reducing installation time. Solid treads eliminates the need of attaching a narrow stair-nose piece to a step, promoting safety and ease of maintenance.


  • Professional help is recommended for this project. Treads and risers require higher skill levels for proper installation.
  • For safety, stair parts must also be fully glued to the existing stair structure, loose or unsecure parts can result in injury.
  • Always work safe around power tools.
  • Severe injury can result from slipping and falling on stair treads, avoid walking on stair treads with socks, hosiery and slippery or wet shoe soles.

Recommended tool check list

• safety glasses

• tape measure pencil

• hammer and 6d finish nails 1 1/2″ or 2″

• power drill • table saw • miter saw

• 10″ saw blade, 60- or 80-tooth carbide-tipped

• urethane construction adhesive (adhesive cartridge and gun applicator recommended)

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