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How to Install Click Flooring – An Overview

One of the easiest types of flooring to install is click flooring. Today we are going to go over the different types of click flooring, and what they bring to your project.

All click flooring boards are designed basically the same; with an interlocking tongue-and-groove system. Looking closely at the long edges of a board, the groove edge has a deep slot in it and the tongue edge sticks out.

To assemble them, you simply insert the tongue into the groove at about a 20-degree angle, then press down while applying forward pressure to lock it in.

The nice thing about click flooring is it doesn’t matter whether you have a laminate, vinyl plank, or engineered click floor. You can install click flooring over almost any subfloor and on any level of your home.

And, most do-it-yourselfers can install their own floors in as little as one day.

But remember, before you start any project, always refer to the installation guidelines online for the product you’re installing, and acclimate your flooring.

There are four basic types you should know; Angle-Tap, Angle-Angle, Angle-Drop, and Angle-Drop with a Clip.

Each is slightly different, so it’s important to use the right steps when installing the flooring you have. Using the wrong process could damage your floor.

Angle Tap flooring is the only one of the four types that you can use a hammer to install. Just be sure to use a tapping block so you won’t damage the boards.

Angle-Angle requires you secure the board by connecting it at two different angles, so you’ll be lifting the board up slightly to connect both the sides and the edges.

Angle-Drop is perhaps the simplest type of click flooring, and therefore the easiest to install. Designed to be installed without tapping, clicking, or lifting, you may want to take this route if self-installing and looking for the fastest, easiest way to get a professional new floor.

For a little extra strength, Angle Drop with Clip is the same type of mechanism, except it features a plastic clip on the ends of the boards in order to lock the end joints firmly.

The wonderful thing about click flooring is you can install your own beautiful floor that looks fantastic, and earns you serious bragging rights.

If you have more questions about flooring, installation, or the hundreds of ways to improve your home, talk with the experts at Hardwood Deals.

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